These jewels are made by the creative idea of Concetta Maria Cormio,
hand-painted with non-toxic mineral colors
and mounted on recycled silver with skill
Jewellery by Belloni ( Milan - 20122, via Lamarmora 31 ).

Each one is a micro work of art, unique and unrepeatable.

Teodosio Martucci says: The jewelry , the jewelry has a ' ancient origin which can not possibly be separated from the formation in man of his primitive aesthetic and spiritual consciousness , a fact that , therefore goes far beyond the pure logic and ornament of which Maria Concetta Cormio is well aware . It must also be emphasized that her jewels were not artificially stylized imprint of much contemporary production , from objects to the design , rather refer to an exciting dimension of perception , warm , engaging. The paint meets the reality of matter , with its magical sensitive legacy , which simultaneously satisfies the senses and stimulates reflection.