My writing is the result of years oltuof poetical efforts in which words are the queen: they express writing and painting as well.
Words, thoughts articulated in to words, are what marks human beings. They are a vehicle, a picture of ourselves. They are part of us, so they bring the importance of being ourselves, for better or for worse. They can be 'better' when they arise from love, affection, comprehension, learnings, solace, sympathy, and so on. They can be 'worse' if they originate from hate, spite, slander, affronts, vanity...
Words express our our personality, they put it into communication with other people world and a new dialogue is born.
Dialogue may become vain and fruitless, or even a place of arrogance, deception and violence (words kill more than swords). Dialogue is joyful and fruitful only when we put together our lives and God's words. A joyful and fruitful dialogue becomes feeling of love, a teaching for life, a consolation for our heart. It implies ability and willingness to modify ourselves, reduce our barriers to go closer and let ourselves be reached by other people.
One of every adult man duty is to teach younger people to love words and colture: lead young people to emotion. Without emotional involvement we can not access feelings. That's why at all times people tell mythological tales and short stories to show what love, sorrow, boredom, despair, enthusiasm and joy are all about. Without this care for feelings training, which is the access point for broadmindedness, instruction can not reach our heart and become a training process.
To get to words we have to go through the silence, as my dear friend Massimo Baldini used to say. 'Silence can be a current topic or not, it is never trendy. But despite what many people can think, silence is no doubt it a current topic, today more than never. From our everyday life, this noise Gehenna, this wind tunnel of gossip and small talk, our nostalgia of silence spontaneously springs up.
Contemporary man, albeit unknowingly, is screaming with Verlaine 'give me silence and love for silence'.