An aperitif down to a fine art

The January 16 2016 Maria Concetta Cormio has had the pleasure of setting up, in collaboration with the Association of cultural consulting Culturit, a wonderful exhibition, rich in works ranging in all artistic fields in which Concetta Maria knows juggle with talent; painting, screen printing, poetry, goldsmith joined together by her unique style and her chromatic harmony, in an exclusive event dedicated to her art.The occasion was the presentation of the new website to the public www.concettamariacormio.it, it turned into a real Bottega d'Arte online: a place where craftsmanship meets digital, with a brand new e-commerce section.At the elegant setting of the Plaza Café, a local with a vocation for cultural initiatives, Bottega d’Arte has become a virtual place for evening in physical location, thanks to the exhibition of twenty of the most beautiful paintings of Concetta Maria Cormio.More than a hundred people packed the venue, following the thematic itineraries discovering the artistic expression of the author and the issues dearest to her: the silence, the water and the trails, which mainly Tuscan as the site of his childhood. Themes that are reflected in the poems of Maria Concetta Cormio, as in a mirror, delighting guests in the audience.The critical Teodosio Martucci, who spoke in the evening, he recalled: 'at times the artist (...) buys a flutter and then the image, from a certain point of view, is detached from what can be the sting of nature; acquires its autonomy almost dreamlike and then reaches the very definite summary, very elegant, almost metaphysical relationships'.The vernissage has seen the paintings protagonists, between music and recitation of poems. During the evening the accompaniment was a wonderful background jazz trio of Antonio Bove, Alberto Mancini and John Sferrazza. Concetta’s four poems were read and interpreted by three actors: Christian Muggiana, head of Milan-based company 'The Lamp' and Massimo Sabet, director of the acting school of Milan 'Lighthouse Theatre', in company of Claudia. The works were exhibited at the Plaza Café until 22 January.An exceptional event to kick off the new project: 'Bottega d’Arte di Concetta Maria Cormio' that, with a new brand and a new website, shows the inimitable style of a prolific painter and poet with several new initiatives already in the pipeline for the future.

Tommaso Piazzi e Elena Privitera


Expo + Art = Concetta

ArtExpo2015 Milan was born from an idea of Melissa Colangelo and Alan D'Orlando respectively art organizer and CEO of the brand ArtMeet Gallery, in collaboration with the Gartam Ltd., an international company specializing in investing in art: the motto 'First, Feed the Mind: Art, Business and Culture' contained the philosophy of the event.Behind the project was the belief that the Expo in the city of Milan could be a great opportunity, visibility and direct contact with the world of art, but also the will to shed light on collecting in the twenty-first century and bring the many contemporary art enthusiasts.They were selected 100 artists from over 25 countries around the world: all invited to participate with artistic works to give the public 90 days of exposure, from 2 July to 30 September 2015, took the East End Studios / Space Project (Via Mecenate 84/10, Milan), one of the most celebrated events point of Milan.Among these we can find the artist Concetta Maria Cormio, among the few selected Italian artists, who today concluded this adventure punctuated by numerous appreciations from visitors and critics.Its staff included the commissioning of four exhibition of works: Storm, Lagoon, Highway, Vanity.This opportunity for intercultural art exchange allowed the painter and poet to make herself known in a load context of passion and interest in her subjects most dear, inserted into an important frame based on cooperation of the art in the world.

Marco Colombo


Landscapes of Light – exhibition in Milan

'Paesaggi di Luce', an exhibition of Maria Concetta Cormio, was held in Milan, in Archivio Galleria Lazzaro of Via Cenisio 50. Inaugurated with a cocktail in the evening of 16 February, the exhibition was opened, by popular demand, after the deadline, until March 3. On this occasion Luigi Marsiglia presented the book of poems 'The Scent of Memories' (original name: Il Profumo dei Ricordi) author's own. 'Landscapes of Light' is a collection of over twenty oils that cover more than forty years of work of the Milanese painter. Poetry, painting, truth is the synthesis of the art well-rounded she own. Quoting the text of Luigi Marsiglia in catalogue: 'A truth glimpsed through poetry, as we know it is also the word to hide near and within these works, poetry who lives on the fringes, with the sign painted ... views of tiny Italian’s villages, Tuscan Lombard ... ageless suspended in time, eternalized by brightness that, being generated up there, spreads along the sides of the hills '.

Tommaso Piazzi


The Scent of Memories – presentation in Milan

Monday, July 4, 2011 the artist Maria Concetta Cormio has presented her third book of poems titled The Scent of Memories (original name: Il Profumo dei Ricordi), in the library Mdd Bookshop of Milan (via Ascanio Sforza 37). The Collection of unpublished poems of the writer and painter is illustrated by her paintings, starting from the cover that reports the picture 'Emotions' (original name: Emozioni). A book of poems and pictures, like the artist says: 'I could not be a painter without being a poet, or a poet without being a painter; the two things are linked. In painting I try reality through the colors, the line, the sense of today ... color, nature and created become synthesis In the word '. Painting is, for Concetta Maria Cormio, a research conducted through the osservation of the outside. In the poems of Maria Concetta every word is just what has to be, without the need to add other: for this reason the interview takes place in a calm atmosphere, in which she often responds simply quoting his poems. It speaks of the similarities between poetry and priesthood because poets and priests share the inspiration and the search for the common good. The poetic muse for the artist is a food sourc, a part of himself and has the function to dare voice – like the Canticle of the Creatures – to the Creation, to be the water that quenches the thirst of the world. Faith can be explained grace such as a gift, but also like deeping soul knowledge and research: a dialogue with God, being able to recognize him in the face of the other. In everything is not difficult to find similarities with the art written and painted by Maria Concetta Cormio for The Collection 'The Scent of Memories'. The poet is for the author a pilgrim able to rediscover the inner silence and communicate it. The Scent of Memories was in fact created by the silence: the silence are the memory, the meaning of life and death. Through silence and meditation the past comes down to the core. When the silence becomes word and that same past being so few become the present, but in an increasingly different way, in a continuous evolution. In the memories we can find space for reflection, faith and art. Maria Concetta Cormio end the evening reading some of her poems: the sweet 'Lullaby' (original name: Ninna Nanna), written for his grandson, 'Mother' (original name: Madre), 'The Poet' (original name: Il Poeta) and 'Memories' (original name: Ricordi), which speak about of a childhood lived In Tuscan countryside; expressed wealth of a peasant culture tied to the land and community staying Today, in fact, a good memory. Her Poetry is rich of remarkable feelings, ending with a song of life and hope.

Tommaso Piazzi