An aperitif down to a fine art

The January 16 2016 Maria Concetta Cormio has had the pleasure of setting up, in collaboration with the Association of cultural consulting Culturit, a wonderful exhibition, rich in works ranging in all artistic fields in which Concetta Maria knows juggle with talent; painting, screen printing, poetry, goldsmith joined together by her unique style and her chromatic harmony, in an exclusive event dedicated to her art.The occasion was the presentation of the new website to the public www.concettamariacormio.it, it turned into a real Bottega d'Arte online: a place where craftsmanship meets digital, with a brand new e-commerce section.At the elegant setting of the Plaza Café, a local with a vocation for cultural initiatives, Bottega d’Arte has become a virtual place for evening in physical location, thanks to the exhibition of twenty of the most beautiful paintings of Concetta Maria Cormio.More than a hundred people packed the venue, following the thematic itineraries discovering the artistic expression of the author and the issues dearest to her: the silence, the water and the trails, which mainly Tuscan as the site of his childhood. Themes that are reflected in the poems of Maria Concetta Cormio, as in a mirror, delighting guests in the audience.The critical Teodosio Martucci, who spoke in the evening, he recalled: 'at times the artist (...) buys a flutter and then the image, from a certain point of view, is detached from what can be the sting of nature; acquires its autonomy almost dreamlike and then reaches the very definite summary, very elegant, almost metaphysical relationships'.The vernissage has seen the paintings protagonists, between music and recitation of poems. During the evening the accompaniment was a wonderful background jazz trio of Antonio Bove, Alberto Mancini and John Sferrazza. Concetta’s four poems were read and interpreted by three actors: Christian Muggiana, head of Milan-based company 'The Lamp' and Massimo Sabet, director of the acting school of Milan 'Lighthouse Theatre', in company of Claudia. The works were exhibited at the Plaza Café until 22 January.An exceptional event to kick off the new project: 'Bottega d’Arte di Concetta Maria Cormio' that, with a new brand and a new website, shows the inimitable style of a prolific painter and poet with several new initiatives already in the pipeline for the future.Tommaso Piazzi e Elena Privitera

In my childhood, memories are related to dreams, to drawing and to love for color. The wonder of color is innate in creation and in its creatures. The revelation is in play of light. The beauty of nature, the gift of the word: a word that speaks of God. So the love for each other and not to live in superficiality and indifference. In search of silence I heard the music of consciousness. The study was (and is) the engine to understand and improve. In this life, on this journey as a pilgrim, I tried to understand human events, to think about moon in the sky which reflects the light to clarify the night. Beyond the melancholy and pain, looking for joy, joyous harmony which is closed to each one of us; harmony in life colors. Every day I discover the charm of beauty and I try to return it through art. Wonder and ecstasy never left me.

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